Welcome to MCQMC 2020

14th International Conference in Monte Carlo & Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods in Scientific Computing

August 9-14, 2020

Oxford, UK


We are delighted to have received many high-quality minisymposium proposals and individual paper abstracts, adding up to over 170 talks in total.

However, given the rapidly growing problems due to the current pandemic, it seems unlikely that the conference will be able to continue as planned.  We will hold off from a definite decision until late June, to see how things develop, and in the meantime we will not open registration.  We also encourage everyone to hold off from making any definite travel and accommodation plans.

Tentatively, our idea is to hold a free virtual conference instead, on the same days.  We would ask all speakers to provide a PDF of their talk and either an accompanying audio track, or a video which could be hosted on our YouTube channel.  We would ask all participants to view the talks which interest them on the correct day of the schedule, and to participate in an online Q&A and discussion, subject to the limitations of us being in various different timezones.

It would be very helpful to hear from anyone who has run this kind of online conference before; please email mike.giles@maths.ox.ac.uk if you have. Maybe this will be the low-carbon future for conferences?